"I was born a 4x4 owner, it wasn't a choice, I didn't become one later in life...I was born this way"

Isuzu Trooper

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The venerable Trooper has it's fans and adherents, like all the other 4x4s out there, but the Trooper isn't as widely-touted as the 4Runner and it's fans aren't as brash as those of the Land Cruiser. It doesn't have the macho appeal of the Bronco, and it's not a classic like an old Chevy truck. But don't let any of that fool you - the Isuzu Trooper is a very capable, reliable, and collectible vehicle. It has it's devotees, and they love it. With good reason.

The Isuzu Trooper Was Also a Subaru, an Acura and...the Holden Jackaroo

How to Unload an Isuzu Trooper