"I was born a 4x4 owner, it wasn't a choice, I didn't become one later in life...I was born this way"

1985 Toyota Pickup SR5 Xtra Cab


  • Mileage: 133260
  • Tires: BFG A/T 31 10.50 15
  • Color: Red
  • Price: 8500
  • Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

It's been repainted (2012) in the original color and stripe scheme and gold wheels (rare color combo). Has 31 10.50 15 BFG At tires, Bilstein shocks, OME steering stabilizer, stainless braided brake lines. Front Brakes have been upgraded to fj60 rotors with v6 2nd gen 4runner calipers, has 86 rear axle to increase width.Purchased from the original owner in California in 2010 and babied ever since.

It has no factory a/c (no plumbing etc) has original carpet and seats that are still in good shape. Well taken care of never offroad except maybe an occasional dirt road. It's had a couple of minor accidents that were repaired and the title is clear. Also has some rust bubbles forming in some areas of the bed.


  • New engnbldr head in 2014
  • NGK plugs and wires
  • Engnbldr timing chain with metal guides
  • Aisin water pump
  • Front/rear main seal replaced


  • Exedy clutch replaced in 2012
  • Aisin clutch slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder
  • No grinds shifts smooth
  • One piece drive shaft


  • Front axle rebuilt 2013
  • Marlin Crawler complete front axle rebuild with bearings knuckle and wheel
  • Trail gear one piece wipers with heavy duty rock rings
  • Rear axle from 86+ for bigger drums and width


Factory sr5 steel wheels powder coated black with faces painted gold to match the original wheel color Still has the factory spare.
  • BFG At 31 10.50 15 replaced in 2014
  • Bilstein 5100 shocks
  • OME steering stabilizer
  • Brakes:

    • Front brakes 2017
    • FJ60 rotors
    • 4Runner v6 Calipers
    • 1.5 wheel spacers up front to match rear axle width
    • Stainless steel braided brake lines


    • Original carpet and seats in good shape
    • Alpine CD player
    • New leather shift boot
    • Leather armrest center console cover
    • Back panel recovered with genuine alcantara suede
    • TRD shift knob
    • Lloyd black floor mats
    • Momo leather steering wheel


    • Repainted in 2012 with PPG Deltron matched to the original color (3D7) Base coat clear coat
    • Stripes replaced from James Dean Creations
    The good:
    • Reliable
    • no major maintenance needed
    • Clean
    • Turns heads