"I was born a 4x4 owner, it wasn't a choice, I didn't become one later in life...I was born this way"

1986 Subaru Brat


  • Mileage: 160000
  • Color: Silver
  • Price: 7500
  • Location: Amarillo

1986 Subaru Brat.

Fresh restoration. Nice original. 4 speed manual, hi/low 4 wheel drive. Working Air conditioning. Tee tops. Rear facing seats. New tires. Runs smooth. Clean, rust free Texas car/truck. Painted with base coat/ clear coat in the original color.

This could be one of the nicest Brats left in the country!!
These cars were made famous due to their rear facing seats. Also A Brat was used by the show "My Name is Earl" and by Ronald Reagan, who owned one on his ranch.

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