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Best Cheap Land Cruiser OBDII Scanner that Works!

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I want to show you the best, cheapest OBDII scanner for a FJZ80 Toyota Land Cruiser. If you just want to know exactly what to order so you get the perfect setup, for less than $30, look no further. I'm gonna tell you exactly what to buy.

I'll also show you the scanners that don't work - even though they say ELM327 and they claim to support all OBDII protocols (they don't).

First, here is what works:

1. BAFX Products OBDII Diagnostic Interface. When you plug it into your 1996+ Land Cruiser, it WILL talk to the ECU. It just works. The best part? It's inexpensive. I paid about $22.

2. The Torque app. If you have an Android phone, this does what you need. It costs about $5 and works immediately with the BAFX OBDII scanner.

So assuming you don't want to spend over $100 on a ScanGauge II, I highly recommend the scanner above. (I'm sure the ScanGauge II is really great, but for those of us who only occasionally need to clear a code or check the coolant, etc. the ScanGauge is overkill.)

Paired with the Torque app, the BAFX does everything you need. You can clear fault codes, you can track MPG usage, and you can monitor coolant temperature. (And if you're like most FJ80 owners, you're paranoid about coolant temps because you heard the head gasket replacement horror stories.)

So...what doesn't work? The cheap ELM 327 scanners you find on eBay. I know, I know...some guy online said he ordered one and it worked for him. Well, good for that I guy. All I can tell you is I tried to cheap out a few times and all I got were duds. I bought three separate ELM scanners before getting the BAFX. None of them worked in my Land Cruiser.

I bought a Bluetooth OBD Scan unit from eBay for about $4. It worked on my 2000 4Runner just fine. It worked on a Honda Odyssey, no problem. But when I tried it in my Land Cruiser, it couldn't find the ECU.

So then I spend another $9 on a different ELM 327 Wifi unit. Same thing: it worked on all the other vehicles I tried. It did not work in my 96 Land Cruiser.

So I got a wired unit next. Same thing. And it was frustrating, because on the online forums I was seeing pictures of the same units and people were saying they worked for them.

Apparently, its possible to get lucky and receive one with a different chipset and it might work. But as I discovered, there's no guarantee you'll get one that works in the Land Cruiser.

So, I ended up spending about $50 on various scanners before finding the right one. I am hoping to save someone out there the trouble I went through. My advice is to just get the BAFX OBDII scanner and Torque, and be done with it.